As You Like It: Novel Summary: Act 3, Scene 1-Act 3, Scene 2

Act 3, Scene 1: Duke Frederick tells Oliver he has one year to bring forth Orlando.  Until that time, anything Oliver has worth seizing becomes the Dukes.  Oliver is upset, but does nothing about it.
Act 3, Scene 2: Orlando hangs on the forest trees poems he writes for Rosalind.  He leaves and Touchstone enters with Corin and they commence into a battle of wits, which Corin is no match for.  Rosalind enters reading a poem she found about herself on a tree.  Touchstone makes fun of her because he thinks she is making up verses about herself.  Celia, too, enters bearing a poem from a tree and the girls discuss who could have put it there.  Celia tells her that Orlando wrote the poems and Rosalind is excited.  Orlando then enters with Jaques who is telling him that he should not be so in love.  Jaques leaves, and Rosalind enters as Ganymede and begins talking to Orlando.  She tells him that she can cure his lovesickness, but to do so he has to pretend she is Rosalind and come to court her everyday.  He agrees and they part.