As You Like It: Novel Summary: Act 2, Scene 6-Act 2, Scene 7

Act 2, Scene 6: Adam and Orlando are in Arden Forest and Adam stops because he is so hungry.  Orlando leaves him, vowing to find him food. 
Act 2, Scene 7: Duke Senior throws a feast with his men and he summons Jacques.  Jaques for once looks happy, and the Duke asks him why.  He tells him he met a fool that greatly increased his happiness with his words.  Orlando enters the feast threatening the men not to eat another bite before he can take some back to Adam.  The feasters are taken aback at his behavior, and the Duke asks him why he is acting in such away.  Orlando then tells them about Adam starving, and the Duke reply is that he would get more out of gently asking.  Orlando tells them that he thought people had to be rough in the forest, and he leaves to get Adam.  When he comes back they all eat, and the Duke overhears Adam and Orlando talking about Sir Rowland De Boys and he welcomes the son of some he loved.