As You Like It: Novel Summary: Act 2, Scene 4-Act 2, Scene 5

Act 2, Scene 4: Rosalind, dressed as the boy Ganymede, Celia, dressed as the country girl, Aliena, and Touchstone reach the Forest of Arden.  They are extremely tired when they come upon an old and young shepherd.  The younger, Silvius, is love stricken, and the older, Corin, is trying to tell him how to deal with it.  Silvius does not think that Corin knows how he feels though he says he has experience with love.  The three travelers listen to the conversation while hiding from the men.  Rosalind states that she understands how the boy feels because of her feelings for Orlando.  They catch Corins attention and ask him if there is anywhere they can stay.  He tells them that the man he works for would not let them stay, but when they offer to buy the place, he takes them to him. 
Act 2, Scene 5: In the forest, Duke Seniors comrades are singing.  Amien tries to cheer up Jaques but is not having any luck.  They leave to go the Dukes banquet.