As You Like It: Novel Summary: Act 2, Scene 2-Act 2, Scene 3

Act 2, Scene 2: Duke Frederick finds that Celia, Rosalind, and Touchstone are missing.  One of Celias attendants tells him that she overheard the girls talking about Orlando, and that he is probably with them wherever they are.  The Duke sends men to Orlandos house to find him and bring him back.
Act 2, Scene 3: While Orlando is at home, his servant and friend Adam, who is much older than he, tells him that his brother is planning to kill him.  Oliver is jealous of his successes wrestling, and sick of supporting him.  Adam warns Orlando to leave, but Orlando does not know where to go.  Adam then offers him the money he has saved for his old age.  Orlando does not want to take it, but they decide they will leave together.