As You Like It: Novel Summary: Act 1, Scene 3-Act 2, Scene 1

Act 1, Scene 3: Celia asks Rosalind what is on her mind, but at first Rosalind will not tell her.  She then recants and admits she is in love with Orlando.  Celia is happy for her, and they are discussing it when Duke Frederick answers and tells Rosalind she is banished.  The only reason he gives is that she is her fathers daughter and therefore a traitor.  Celia argues with him, entreating him to let Rosalind stay because they are extremely close, but he tells her that Rosalind is taking away praise from her.  Celia does not care, and when the Duke leaves, she decides that they should go together to the Forest of Arden to live with the banished ex-duke.  Celia says that she cannot live without Rosalind, so Rosalind agrees.  They decide to dress up as a country brother and sister to make their travel safer. 
Act 2, Scene 1: The banished Duke Senior and his comrades are sitting in the forest of Arden discussing how much they love their life there.  They then hold a conversation about a man at court, Jaques.