As You Like It: Novel Summary: Act 1, Scene 1-Act 1, Scene 2

Act 1, Scene 1: Orlando, the youngest son of Sir Rowland De Boys, tells his friend Adam about his grievances with his elder brother, Oliver, who is cheating him out of his share of his fathers money.  Oliver enters, Adam hides, and Orlando confronts him about the treatment he has received since their father died.  They begin fighting and Adam comes forward to break up the squabble.  Adam and Orlando leave, and Oliver summons Charles, the Dukes wrestler.  They talk about the new Duke, who is the younger brother of the old one, who was sent into exile.  His daughter Rosalind, however, is staying with the new Duke and his daughter.  He then speaks to Charles about Orlando wrestling him tomorrow, and wants the boy to be harmed. 
Act 1, Scene 2: Celia, Duke Fredericks daughter, and her cousin Rosalind, Duke Seniors daughter, enter and Celia asks Rosalind why she is not happy.  Rosalind answers it is because of her fathers banishment into the Forest of Arden.  The court fool, Touchstone, enters and tells the girls about the wrestling match that is about to take place.  He describes the gruesome nature of the wrestling to them, but the women decide to attend anyway.  Monsieur Le Beau enters as well and takes them to the match.  When they arrive, Le Beau asks them to speak with Orlando to try to talk him out of wrestling.  They do, but he decides to do it anyway.  The match begins and Orlando wins which earns him praise from Duke Frederick.  The Duke asks him who his father is and when he replies Rowland De Boys, the Duke takes away his praise.  De Boys, when alive, was a supporter of the exiled Duke Senior.  Orlando, however, is proud of who he is and expresses this to the young women.  Rosalind gives him a chain to wear around his neck.  The women leave and Le Beau enters giving praise but warns Orlando that he should leave.  Orlando consents but asks which of the women is the Dukes daughter.  Orlando leaves and is happy that he has fallen in love with Rosalind.