Around the World in Eighty Days: Chapter 22

Summary of Chapter Twenty-two: “In which Passepartout finds out that, even at the antipodes, it is convenient to have some money in one’s pocket”
The Carnatic left Hong Kong for Japan with Passepartout aboard. He came to in his cabin after staggering to the boat in his drug stupor and collapsing. The next day he remembers the plot of Fix to drug him and follow his master. He considers once more whether to tell Fogg about Fix but thinks perhaps he will wait till they arrive in England and then have a laugh about it.When he goes to find his master on board, he is surprised that neither he nor Aouda are there. Finally he remembers that he did not deliver the message to Fogg that the departure time had changed. He berates himself for ruining his master and vows he will get Fix. Realizing he has no money when he gets to Japan, he eats enough for three people on the journey.Passepartout wanders around in Yokohama seeing all races of people, finally ending up in the Japanese quarter called Benten. Yokohama is a main traffic route in the Pacific, and surely he can find some help there while he looks for Fogg. He is hungry, but there is no food in sight for him, as he spends the night near the harbor.
Commentary on Chapter Twenty-two
Passepartout realizes that he has placed the mission in jeopardy. This is the first time he has been separated from Fogg, and he has no means of financial support now. Though he and Fogg are foils, they have some things in common. They are both creative and find ways to get out of difficulties. Passepartout is streetwise and has had experience wandering and making his way in the world. He will come up with something in this predicament, as Fogg always does. However, no matter how bad things are, Passepartout notices the beauty around him. He never loses his appreciation of the sights he is seeing. While he is the sensual man, and Fogg is the intellectual, they both are resourceful and determined.On the other hand, it still doesn’t quite make sense that Passepartout does not think of telling Fogg about Detective Fix, because he has seen that Fix can viciously interfere with the success of the journey. This point is left up in the air, and it adds to the suspense.