Antony And Cleopatra: Novel Summary: Act 4, Scene 15-Act 5, Scene 2

Act 4, Scene 15: The guards bring Antony to Cleopatra and they kiss and talk before he dies. 
Act 5, Scene 1: Caesar and his court receive the news of Antonys suicide with great sadness.  A messenger from Egypt tells that Cleopatra wishes to know how to prepare herself since she has been defeated.  Caesar sends his dignitaries back to her saying that she need not fear.  However, Caesar plans to make a spectacle of her in Rome. 
Act 5, Scene 2: One of Caesars minions enters and reassures Cleopatra that she will be met by Caesar with kindness.  She vows to be thankful to him if he keeps his word.  While he is speaking his words of assurance, soldiers enter and seize her.  Cleopatra tries to kill herself but the knife she uses is snatched from her.  Dollabella, another of Caesars men takes charge of her, and she tells him of Antony and all his good attributes.  She asks then what Caesar means to do with her, and he says that he will lead her in triumph through Rome tied to the back of his chariot.  Caesar comes and threatens her not to kill herself because he would do harm to her children.  Cleopatra then hands over a list of her belongings, but when her treasurer is brought forth, he states that many very valuable things are missing.  Caesar leaves her with words of kindness, but after he goes, she gives instructions to her maids.  Dollabella returns and tells her more of Caesars intent.  She thanks him and he leaves.  Her servants come and she gives them directions telling them to bring her finest clothes and her crown.  A man from the country enters bringing her figs and asps.  She dons her best clothes and crown, and places asps on her.  She dies after killing one of her maids with a kiss.  Her other maid, after she made sure her mistress was dead also lets the serpent bite her.  Caesar enters and learns of her death and declares she should be buried beside Antony.