Antony And Cleopatra: Novel Summary: Act 4, Scene 12-14

Act 4, Scene 12: Antonys ships desert him and side with Caesar.  Antony thinks that Cleopatra betrayed him and is certain all is lost.  Cleopatra enters only to have him fly into a rage against her.  She leaves, and he is extremely disheartened and vows to kill her for her betrayal. 
Act 4, Scene 13: Cleopatra, afraid for her life, flees to her monument sending messengers saying she has killed herself.  She wants them to tell Antony she died with his name on her lips, and she awaits news on how he receives her death. 
Act 4, Scene 14: Antony tells Eros of his grief when Mardian enters and tells him of Cleopatras suicide.  Antony is devastated and wishes for his own death.  After gathering his thoughts, he orders his servant Eros to kill him.  Eros refuses, and when Antony thinks he is going to strike the fatal blow, Eros turns the knife and kills himself.  Antony, learning from Cleopatra and Eros, tries to kill himself.  He does not strike true however and lives.  His guards come, and though he begs them to kill him, they wont.  A servant from Cleopatra comes and tells him that she leaves.  He then wants to see her, and bleeding, has his guards carry him to her monument.