Antony And Cleopatra: Novel Summary: Act 3, Scene 4-6

Act 3, Scene 4: Caesar is raising an army again against Pompey, and in doing so makes Antony look bad.  Antony explains this to Octavia and that he has to do something to rebut it.  Octavia understands but tells him that she would like to try to mend the riff between her husband and her brother.  Antony agrees to let her go to Rome and try to do so. 
Act 3, Scene 5: Enobarbus learns that Caesar has thrown Lepidus in jail for traitorous letters he wrote to Pompey before the war.  Antony is preparing his navy to go to Italy. 
Act 3, Scene 6: Caesar and Agrippa share news that Antony has gone to Cleopatra in Egypt and ascended the thrown with her.  Octavia enters and Caesar is delighted to see her though he had no advance warning of her coming.  He is outraged at Antonys public adultery against her, but realizes that his sister does not know her husband went to Egypt.  He informs her but pledges to take care of her, and is honored she is home with him.