Antony And Cleopatra: Novel Summary: Act 3, Scene 13-Act 4, Scene 2

Act 3, Scene 13: Cleopatra has a conference with Enobarbus and asks him if it was her fault that they lost.  He says that it was only Antonys fault for following her when she fled.  The messenger from Caesar returns and tells the news.  Antony, angry, begins to prepare to go to war.  Thidias enters, and sends messages from Caesar to Cleopatra.  She receives them and as Thidias goes to kiss her hand, Antony enters and becomes outraged.  He calls the servants and has Thidias whipped.  He accuses Cleopatra of conspiring against him, but then quickly recants.  In his anger he again turns into his warlike self, and prepares to face Caesar again. 
Act 4, Scene 1: Anthony sends Caesar a challenge for hand-to-hand combat.  Caesar laughs at him, and prepares for their final battle. 
Act 4, Scene 2: Antony is disappointed at Caesars refusal to fight him in hand to hand combat, and prepares with a large supper, for the battle ahead.  He praises the servants and asks them to serve him one last time.