Antony And Cleopatra: Novel Summary: Act 3, Scene 10-12

Act 3, Scene 10: A sea battle commences with Cleopatra and Antonys ships against Caesar.  The battle is even when Cleopatra turns and leaves the fight.  Much to his officers horror, Antony follows her.  His officers decide to leave him and go to fight for Caesar because of the action.  Enobarbus, however, continues on the side of Antony, though he thinks it is probably a bad idea. 
Act 3, Scene 11: Antony is ashamed of himself at the way he behaved in the battle and dismisses his attendants.  Cleopatra goes to him and he tells her that it is her fault he followed her and that he would follow her anywhere.  She begs his forgiveness and he forgives her easily. 
Act 3, Scene 12: Antonys messenger reaches Caesar and asks that that Antony be allowed to live in Egypt.  If this cannot be granted to him, he asks that he be allowed to live as a free man in Athens.  Cleopatra, for herself, asks that her heirs be allowed to gain the crown of Egypt, which is now at Caesars mercy.  To the messenger Caesar replies that he will not honor any of Antonys requests, and will only honor Cleopatras if she turns Antony over to him, or kills him herself.  The messenger leaves and Caesar stays and talks with Thidias.  He tells the man to seduce Cleopatra away from Antony, and observe how Antony is taking his defeat.