Antony And Cleopatra: Novel Summary: Act 2, Scene 5-7

Act 2, Scene 5: Cleopatra decides to play pool with her eunuch, and as they are doing so, a messenger from Rome arrives.  She is excited, and anxious to hear the news.  At the look on the messengers face, she thinks that Antony has been killed.  The messenger however tells her that he has married Octavia and she becomes extremely angry.  She begins beating the messenger and then pulls a knife on him.  He runs away, but Charmain calms her down, and brings him back.  She questions him again, and again he tells her that Antony has married.  He leaves and she grieves and sends out spies to find out what Octavia looks like. 
Act 2, Scene 6: Antony, Caesar, and their man Enobarbus have a meeting with Pompey and the pirates before they go to battle.  Caesar sent him terms for surrender, and Pompey accepts the terms. Antony thanks him for the treatment he gave his mother when she fled Italy during the skirmish between his brother and Caesar.  The men go off to feast but Enobarbus stays and talks with the pirate, Menas.  Enobarbus tells him about Antony marrying Caesars sister but says that he thinks the marriage will not cement their relationship, but push them apart. 
Act 2, Scene 7: Pompey throws a feast for the Roman leaders on his boats.  While everyone drinks, Menas tells Pompey he can make him the king of the world.  Pompey asks how, and Menas states that he could kill all of the leaders while they are on the boat.  Pompey refuses because it would offend his honor, and the men have to remove Ledipus from the boat because he becomes so drunk.