Antony And Cleopatra: Novel Summary: Act 2, Scene 2-4

Act 2, Scene 2: Antony and Caesar meet with some of their officials surrounding them.  Caesar is angry with Antony for his wife and brothers actions.  He is also angry because Antony did not come to his aide when he wanted him there.  To solve the problem, Agrippa comes up with the plan to have the newly widowed Antony married to Caesars sister Octavia.  The men agree to the plan that will cement their relationship and make them brothers, and leave to have the two betrothed meet.  Some of their lords however stay behind, and they discuss the fact that though he may marry Octavia, Antonys heart will never leave Cleopatra. 
Act 2, Scene 3: Octavia and Antony meet and Antony swears that he will live as she would have him live.  Octavia exits with her brother, and Antony speaks with a fortuneteller who tells him that he should keep his distance from Caesar even though they have newly made peace with each other.  Antony, at first disagrees, but the realizes that he cannot stay away from Cleopatra, and must return to Egypt. 
Act 2, Scene 4: Lepidus leaves to begin the battle with Pompey and wants Caesar and Antony to join him soon.