Antony And Cleopatra: Novel Summary: Act 1, Scene 4-Act 2, Scene 1

Act 1, Scene 4: Back in Rome, Caesar has a meeting with Lepidus, another Roman leader.  After Caesar reads a letter, they discuss the behavior of Antony with Cleopatra in Rome.  Caesar is angry and does not approve.  Two messengers come; one telling him news of the rising power of Pompey, the other telling him that two pirates, Menas and Menecrates, are attacking his shores.  He is upset and wishes the return of Antony who is in charge of the military. 
Act 1, Scene 5: Cleopatra is consumed with thoughts of Antony while he is away and discusses them with her servants, Charmain and Mardian, who is a eunuch.  Alexas, a messenger from Antony arrives, with a message and pearl from Antony.  Cleopatra loves it and vows to write Antony everyday he is away.
Act 2, Scene 1: Pompey has a meeting with the pirates and they discuss the fact that Antony is in Egypt with Cleopatra.  Lepidus and Caesar have teamed up and have an army marching, but it does not concern them much.  When they learn however, that Antony is on his way to Rome to join Caesar, they decide they must prepare.