Antony And Cleopatra: Metaphor Analysis

Egypt and Rome: to Antony, the main geographical locations in the play represented different parts of his life between which he has to choose.  Rome, with Caesar and his family there, represented work, power, and responsibility.  Rome was the harsher, stricter realities of his life.  Egypt, on the other hand, was the opposite.  If Rome was the work, Egypt was play.  It held for Antony decadence and joy.  Egypt was where he felt love and joy.  Cleopatra was his mysterious sensuous plaything.  The story line centers upon the fight inside Antony to choose between the two worlds. 
The Sea: Antonys army could not win battles when they were fought on the sea.  This is a metaphor representing the sinking of Antonys life.  He could not see to balance out work and his personal life and keep himself afloat, like his ships during the battle.  He was slowing drowning himself with actions by forcing his ships, and his men to turn away from him.