Anna Karenina: Novel Summary: Part 7 section 05-Part 7 section 16

Part 7 section 5: Levin accompanies Nataly to a concert and there tries very hard to concentrate so that he can reach an opinion about the music, but he cannot.  He runs into a friend who gives him the program so that he can read along.  Levin leaves and remembers that Kitty asked him to pay a visit to Count Bol since he had called on them.
Part 7 section 6: Levin enters the Countess Bols house, not knowing why he is there and feeling uncomfortable with these Society visits.  He tries to talk to the Countess and her two daughters and leaves as soon as he can.  He then goes to a meeting and picks up Nataly and accompanies her to his house.
Part 7 section 7: Levin arrives at the club, and although he has not been there in a long time it seems familiar.  He sees Kittys father, his brother and Vronsky there.  Another friend takes him to his table where he is saving seats for him and Oblonsky.  They all eat and drink with great pleasure and talk about how Vronskys horse won the race.  Vronsky comes over and is friendly to Levin, and they talk about cattle.  Levin is glad there is no animosity.
Part 7 section 8: Levin leaves the table and he and Kittys father walk around the club. 
The go into the billiard room, the reading room and the wise room where people discuss the news.  Levin comes upon Vronsky and Oblonsky talking about Anna, and Oblonsky talks Levin into going and seeing her.  Vronsky says that he must stay and keep and eye on Yashvin who is gambling.
Part 7 section 9: On his way to Annas, Levin wonders if he should really be going and what Kitty would think about it.  Oblonsky tells him that he is glad he is going and that Dolly has wanted him to meet Anna.  Oblonsky tells Levin that Anna cannot go out because of her position but that she has been writing and that she has taken in a little English girl and is teaching her.  They enter Annas, and Levin is struck by the portrait of Anna. 
Part 7 section 10: He is then struck by the beauty of Anna herself.  They all talk, and it seems to Levin as if their conversation is of special importance.  Anna talks about how much she enjoys helping and taking care of the little English girl.  Levin likes Anna very much and keeps finding more features about her to like.  Before, he had judged her, but now he feels pity for her and feels that Vronsky does not understand her. 
Part 7 section 11: Levin tells Oblonsky how much he likes Anna as they are leaving.  Oblonsky tells him that they hope to soon have a divorce for her so that she can marry Vronsky.  At home he finds Kitty doing well, but she is distressed that he did not come home sooner.  He tells her that he went to see Anna because Oblonsky and Dolly wished it.  He can tell that Kitty is upset by it.  They talk, and Kitty accuses him of having fallen in love with Anna.  After a long talk they are reconciled.
Part 7 section 12: After her visitors have left Anna thinks about Vronsky.  She wonders about why Vronsky is so cold to her when she can even make a man like Levin fall in love with her in one evening.  Vronsky comes home and they fight about his being gone so long.  She frightens Vronsky when she tells him that she is near a catastrophe.  When he tells her that he will do whatever she wants, she can tell that she has won the argument.
Part 7 section 13: That night Kitty wakes Levin up and tells him that they need to send for the doctor, as she is having the baby.  He gets very nervous and stumbles around trying to do what is necessary. He starts to pray, and does not think it strange even though he has doubts about the existence of God.  He sees the midwife and she tells him to get the doctor and some opium.
Part 7 section 14: Levin arrives at the doctors to find that he is not up yet, so he goes to the chemists to get some opium.  The doctor is still not up when he gets back.  He finally hears the doctor up and yells at him to hurry.  The doctor is amused by him, and tells him that there is plenty of time and that he will come in an hour.  Levin makes him promise to come sooner and goes back home.  Levin is very afraid and is in torment.  Hours pass and he does not realize it is already five oclock in the evening. 
Part 7 section 15: Later there is screaming and he runs to Kitty.  She tells him to stay and then pushes him away.  Dolly keeps telling him that everything is all right, but he is sure that Kitty is dying.  Finally the baby is born and Levin goes in to see Kitty, who is fine.  They have a boy, and Levin is not used to the idea of him.
Part 7 section 16: Kittys father, his brother and Oblonsky come, and Levin talks to them but is always thinking about Kitty.  He goes in to see her and their son, but seems to feel nothing for the boy but repulsion and pity at his helplessness.