Anna Karenina: Novel Summary: Part 6 section 25-Part 7 section 4

Part 6 section 25: Vronsky and Anna continue living in the country and taking no action toward getting a divorce. Anna tries to occupy herself with reading, and Vronsky has the hospital and all of his other interests.  Vronsky wants freedom though, and is annoyed that Anna tries to keep him with her always.  In October there is a Nobility election in the Kashin Province, which Vronskys, Sviyazhskys, Koznyshev and Levins estates are in.  Vronsky gets quite serious and tells Anna that he is going.
Part 6 section 26: In September Levin and Kitty move to Moscow for Kittys confinement.  His brother asks him to come to Kashin for the elections, and Kitty tells him to go. He attends the elections that last for days but does not understand what is going on. 
Part 6 section 27: On the sixth day of the elections there are many men in attendance, and everyone seems to understand what is going on but Levin.  There is much shouting and a big dispute.
Part 6 section 28: Levins brother speaks, and people call for a vote.  Levin leaves the room to get away from it all but someone comes for him because his brother is looking for him.  He asks his brother quietly how he should vote, but others hear the improper question.  Levin thinks it is almost over, but it is really only beginning.
Part 6 section 29: Levin is trying to avoid Vronsky, who is also there, and instead talks to one of the landowners that he had met at Sviyazhskys on his last visit.
Part 6 section 30: Sviyazhsky comes to get Levin, and he is forced to talk to Vronsky.  Levin tries to ask questions about the election but ends up saying the wrong things.  Soon everyone is busy and Levin tries to leave the room again, but he is again brought back.  Nevedovsky wins the election and all of Levins friends are happy about it.
Part 6 section 31: Nevedovsky and the other members of his party dine at Vronskys that night.  Everyone is interested in Vronsky, and he likes them all, except perhaps for the fellow that Kitty married.  Everyone is cheerful.  After dinner Vronsky receives a letter from Anna.  He was to have been home the day before and had sent a letter, but Anna would not have received it yet.  He knows that this letter will be a reproach for his not returning on time.  The letter says that their little girl is ill and that he should come home.
Part 6 section 32: Vronsky thinks about his freedom and how Anna will not let him have it on his way home.  She is mad because he can go wherever he wants whenever he wants but in her position she has to stay home and is not welcome in Society.  She also thinks that he is becoming cold toward her and does not love her anymore.  She receives his letter and feels bad for sending hers, since the little girl is no longer ill.  Vronsky returns and she tells him that their daughter is better.  Later Vronsky tells Anna that he has to go to Moscow on business, and she gets mad wondering how he can be home for a day and then leave again.  She says that she will go with him and that she will write to Karenin and ask for a divorce.  She does so, and at the end of November Anna and Vronsky move to Moscow and establish themselves as a married couple since they soon expect a divorce.
Part 7 section 1: The Levins have been in Moscow for two months now.  Kitty happens to meet Vronsky at the house of another, and altough she is nervous at first, she handles the situation well.  She tells Levin about it and he is glad that the meeting took place because now he will not have to feel uncomfortable around Vronsky in the future.
Part 7 section 2: Levin is going out, and Kitty tells him that she needs some more money.  He gets nervous because the expense of living in the city is something he tries not to think about.  When they first arrived Levin would compare how much he was spending in the city with how much it could buy in the country, but now he is used to it.  He is selling his products in the country for less than he ever would have before since he needs money for spending in Moscow.
Part 7 section 3: While in Moscow, Levin has renewed his friendship with a friend from his university days, now Professor Katavasov.  Levin had enjoyed reading an article by Metrov, so now Katavasov is going to introduce Levin to him.  Levin talks about his book and ideas to Metrov, but when Metrov begins talking about it Levin can see that they see the question so differently that they cannot understand each other.  He attends a meeting with them for a bit, but then leaves. 
Part 7 section 4: Levin has become friends with Kittys sisters (Nataly) husband Lvov.  Levin tells Lvov that he has excellent children and hopes to bring up his children like them.  Kitty has asked Levin to talk to Lvov about Oblonsky, as he and Dolly are quite in debt. She hopes that they will talk to him about it.  Levin talks to Lvov about it, but Lvov doesnt see why they should.