Anna Karenina: Novel Summary: Part 6 section 13-Part 6 section 24

Part 6 section 13: Levin returns hungry, but Veslovsky has eaten everything.  There is a note from Kitty saying that everything is fine.  Oblonsky is envious of Levins good hunting.  Later that night they leave for home.
Part 6 section 14: The next day Kittys mother and others try to convince Levin to move to Moscow near the end of Kittys pregnancy.  Across the room he sees Veslovsky talking to Kitty and smiling and sees her blushing.  The conversation is unpleasant for Kitty, but she does not know how to end it.  Later Levin and Kitty talk and she says that she cannot live like this and wonders why Veslovsky had to come when she and Levin were so happy.  She convinces him that she is not to blame for how Veslovsky talks to her.
Part 6 section 15: Levin goes to talk to Dolly about Veslovsky and she says that both she and Oblonsky had noticed Veslovskys behaviors.  She is surprised when Levin says that he is going to ask him to leave.  She says that she will have Oblonsky take him away, but Levin wants to do it himself. Veslovsky is quite surprised that Levin wants him to leave, but he goes.  Oblonsky is also surprised and tells Levin that he is being ridiculous.
Part 6 section 16: Dolly goes to see Anna.  On her way she thinks about her life and about how many times she has been pregnant and how hard it and raising children are.  She also thinks about how she and Oblonsky do not have enough money.  She wonders if maybe she should not have gotten back with her husband but that she should have an affair as Anna is.
Part 6 section 17: Dolly arrives at Annas and Veslovsky, Princess Barbara and Sviyazhsky are also there.  She sees that Anna looks quite beautiful and happy.
Part 6 section 18: Anna tells her that she is very happy and that later they will talk about her and what Dolly thinks about her position.  The estate and house is very nice and Dolly is surprised by the luxury and the newness of everything there.
Part 6 section 19: Dolly is embarrassed about her clothes as she is surrounded by such luxury.  Anna takes Dolly to see her little girl, and it is apparent to Dolly that Anna does not spend much time with her.  Dolly does not like Princess Barbara as she is a relation to her husband and she knows that she just uses rich people for their money.  Anna tells her that she has been very nice to her though and has made her position easier. 
Part 6 section 20: Anna brings everyone together and they go for a walk.  They walk to the area of the employees who work on the estate to see the new hospital that Vronsky is building.  Dolly is a bit uncomfortable with people so different from herself. 
Part 6 section 21: Vronsky arranges to be alone with Dolly so that he can talk to her about Anna.  He tells her that he wants her to convince Anna to ask her husband for a divorce so that he can marry her.  He wants to legitimate their relationship and become the legal father of their daughter and of any other children so that he can have heirs. 
Part 6 section 22: They return home and have dinner, and Dolly is again struck by the luxury of everything.  It becomes obvious to her that Vronsky takes care of everything in the house and that Anna is really more of a guest there.  They talk a bit about Levin and his lack of interest in the politics of the area, and Dolly defends him because she likes Levin more than Vronsky.  Dolly notices that all of Vronskys participation in the areas politics annoys Anna since it takes him away from her.  They then play lawn tennis and Dolly is not feeling happy and decides to leave the next day.
Part 6 section 23: Before bed, Anna comes in to talk to Dolly.  She has been saying all day that they will have a talk about her position, as Dolly is the only one she can talk to, but once they are together Anna does not know what to say.  Anna wants to know what Vronsky talked to her about, and Dolly tells her about his concerns about her divorce and their children.  Anna says that they will not be having any more children, as her doctor took care of that after her illness.  Dolly is horrified.  She has wondered how some women can have only a few children, but she is shocked that actions could be taken to limit children, even though she had herself been earlier thinking about doing just that.  She feels that she and Anna are so far away from each other that they could not agree on anything.
Part 6 section 24: Anna tells Dolly that a divorce is not possible and that she does not want to talk about it.  She says that she does not think that Karenin would agree to it now anyway since he is under the influence of the Countess Ivanovna. She also does not want to humiliate herself by writing him a letter and is concerned about what would happen to her son.  After Anna leaves, Dolly goes to bed and decides to certainly go home the next day. She does leave, and is glad to be going.