Anna Karenina: Novel Summary: Part 6 section 01-Part 6 section 12

Part 6 section 1: Dolly and her children are staying with Kitty and Levin for the summer. Oblonsky is not staying there, but comes to visit. Kitty`s mother and Varenka are also there, as is Levin`s brother, Koznyshev. The group is talking about going mushroom hunting, and Koznyshev wants to go too. Kitty thinks that he and Varenka have fallen in love and that a proposal will happen on this walk. Part 6 section 2: The women that did not go mushroom hunting are sitting on the balcony sewing and making jam. They are talking about how good a marriage between Koznyshev and Varenka would be, and then talk about the different ways that they were proposed to. Part 6 section 3: Everyone is concerned about Kitty talking care of herself because she is pregnant. She and Levin slowly walk to meet up with the group and they talk about Sergius and Varenka. Levin says that he does not know what to think, and that his brother has only ever been in love with a girl who died. Part 6 section 4: Varenka is excited about the possibility of an offer of marriage. Koznyshev thinks about it and realizes that it is not a sudden impulse and decides that he is in love with her and will propose.Part 6 section 5: They walk together and are away from Dolly`s children and he thinks he will propose. There is a silence, and she does not know what so say, so she says something about mushrooms, and this irritates him. There is a longer silence and both know that he must propose then or never, and instead he asks her a question about mushrooms and both know that it is all over. He has decided that he cannot be unfaithful to Marie`s (the girl he had loved) memory. Kitty can tell by their faces that nothing happened.Part 6 section 6: They are all sitting around together, and Kitty and Levin are particularly happy with their love for each other. Oblonsky arrives and he has brought Vasenka Veslovsky, a second cousin of Kitty`s, with him. Levin is sorry to see it, and the man seems quite silly. Levin notices that he kisses Kitty`s hand with particular attention, and Levin gets irritated by everyone and leaves the room. Part 6 section 7: Later he returns for supper, and Oblonsky asks if they will go shooting the next day. Levin does not like Veslovsky, and seeing Kitty talking to him in an animated fashion, he convinces himself that she is in love with him. Veslovsky has been to see Anna, who is living not far from there, and Dolly says that she has been meaning to go and see her. Levin blames Kitty for leaving herself open to the behavior of Veslovsky. Later they talk about it and she is offended by his jealousy. They make up.Part 6 section 8: Veslovsky is ready for hunting in his shiny new clothes, not realizing that the custom is to wear rags. Oblonsky is also ready, and when Levin comes downstairs they leave. They will be gone overnight, so Levin asks Kitty to send him a note so that he knows if she is all right. Levin hopes that he will not be rude to Veslovsky and that he will shoot better than Oblonsky. Part 6 section 9: They plan to travel a bit to a marsh for the hunting, but Oblonsky convinces him to stop off quickly at a marsh along the way. There is only room for two, so Levin stays with the horses and cart. They come back with nothing, and when the horses start Levin hits his head on Veslovsky`s gun and Veslovsky pulls the trigger. No one was hurt, and they try to laugh it off. They move on, but again they stop at a small place. Levin stays with the cart, but after Veslovsky gets a bird he stays at the cart and lets Levin go. Soon Veslovsky has let the horses wander into the marsh, and Levin and the coachman have to work to get them unstuck. Levin is irritated at Oblonsky and Veslovsky for not helping. Veslovsky wants to drive to make up for it, and Levin lets him even though he thinks he will tire out the horses.Part 6 section 10: Veslovsky does drive too fast and it is still hot when they arrive at the marsh. Oblonsky goes off by himself and does very well with his hunting, but Levin is stuck with Veslovsky and does not shoot well. Part 6 section 11: They all meet at the peasant hut where they are spending the night. They talk for a while and Levin does not join Oblonsky and Veslovsky when they go out to court some maidservants nearby. Oblonsky tells him that a man must be independent and that he sees no reason why he should not be with maidservants. Levin says that he will sleep so that he can start hunting early. Part 6 section 12: Levin gets up at dawn and tries to get the others up, but they want to sleep. He shoots very well and has a good time.