Anna Karenina: Novel Summary: Part 4 section 21-Part 5 section 9

Part 4 section 21: On her way out Betsy meets Oblonsky and he tells her that he is there to help the Karenins settle their affairs.  He goes to see Anna and she tells him that she cannot live with Karenin and hates him for his virtues.  She starts to say that there is nothing left for her but death, but Oblonsky will not hear it.  He asks her what she wants, and she replies that she wants it all to end. 
Part 4 section 22: Oblonsky goes to talk to Karenin, as he thinks that a divorce will solve everything.  Karenin has been writing a letter to Anna saying that he knows she does not want to see him but that he needs her to tell him what she wants and he will do it.  Oblonsky knows that Karenins goodness and this letter will only make Anna feel guiltier. Karenin knows that a divorce is not as simple as Oblonsky thinks, as there is religion, Annas shame and their son to think about.  He realizes that to save Anna he himself must take the disgrace and say that he has been unfaithful so that Anna is not ruined and can marry Vronsky and not live in an illegal relationship.  He consents to this, and Oblonsky leaves felling proud of himself for arranging things.
Part 4 section 23: Vronskys wound had missed his heart, but he did lay between life and death for several days. Serpukhovsky arranges a position for Vronsky elsewhere, and Vronsky prepares to go. Betsy comes to tell him that Oblonsky told her that Karenin is agreeing to a divorce.  Vronsky runs to the Karenins and without even looking, runs into Annas room and embraces and kisses her.  She has been expecting him and his passion passes to her. He is so happy that they will be as husband and wife, but she says that she cannot accept Karenins generosity, and that she doesnt want a divorce and wonders why she did not die.  Before, Vronsky would have thought it disgraceful to refuse a post such as the one he was offered, but now he refuses it with no hesitation, and resigns his position.  A month later, after refusing the divorce, Anna and Vronsky go abroad together and leave Karenin and her son. 
Part 5 section 1: Levin continues to be quite happy.  Oblonsky suggests that he and Kitty go abroad after the wedding, but Kitty wants to go and start their life in the country.  Levin goes to confession because he must have a certificate proving he has taken communion before he can be married.  He is worried that he will have to blaspheme or lie during the confession, but he tells the priest about his doubts and does not have to lie. 
Part 5 section 2: On the wedding day Levin dines with his brother and some other friends and they mourn the loss of his freedom.  Levin does not see any loss though, and is quite happy.  Suddenly he gets quite worried about what Kitty may be feeling and wanting, and he convinces himself that she does not really love him.  He runs to her and tells her that there is still time to stop the wedding.  She convinces him that she loves him.
Part 5 section 3: People have assembled at the church, and the wedding is delayed, and everyone is wondering what the problem is.  Kitty is waiting, already dressed, for Levin to arrive.  Levins servant had set out his suit for the wedding, but thought that Levin could wear the shirt he was wearing.  But shirt did not go with the suit and was wrinkled by the time of the wedding.  All of his other clothes had been packed and sent to the Shcherbatskys, and as it was Sunday, they could not buy a new one.  The servant has to run to unpack and find a shirt, and at last he arrives with it.
Part 5 section 4: Levin arrives at the church, and Kitty teasingly tells him she thought he was running away.  The ceremony starts and Levin has trouble understanding what he is supposed to do.  Both Levin and Kitty have trouble paying attention to what is going on around them. 
Part 5 section 5: The women in the audience are talking about weddings and Kitty.  They wonder who will step on the mat during the ceremony first, as it is said that the first one who steps on the mat will be the predominant partner. 
Part 5 section 6: The first part of the ceremony ends, and none can agree who stepped on the mat first.  The crown is set on Kittys head, meaning she will be lucky, and at the end of the ceremony Levin and Kitty kiss and are quite happy.  That night they leave for the country.
Part 5 section 7: Vronsky and Anna have been traveling through Venice, Rome and Naples and are now in an Italian town where they plan to stay for a while.  Vronsky runs into Golenishchev, a friend from his student days, and is glad to have someone to help end his boredom. Vronsky introduces him to Anna, and the three of them go to see the palazzo that Vronsky and Anna will be staying in.  Vronsky will have a studio in it, as he has started to paint.
Part 5 section 8: During this time, at the beginning of her freedom, Anna is quite happy.  She is sorry to have had to leave her son, but this does not trouble her too much, as she has the little girl to think of.  She is happy and in love with Vronsky.  Vronsky is not as happy as he thought he would be when he had received everything he wanted.  He feels much boredom now, and when he tries to go out with some friends for a late supper, Anna gets too jealous.  So, he has begun to paint.  He feels that he has the talent for art because he can imitate other artists.
Part 5 section 9: Golenishchev and Vronsky talk about Mikhaylov, a Russian artist living nearby.  The three of them go to see him.