Ann of Green Gables : Characters

Mrs. Allan
Mrs. Allan is the wife of the new minister in Avonlea. Anne admires her because she is kind and dresses fashionably, in dresses with puffed sleeves. After Anne serves her a cake baked with liniment instead of vanilla, she makes Anne feel less embarrassed and proves herself to be a “kindred spirit” in Anne’s eyes.

Billy Andrews
Billy is Jane’s older brother. He has a crush on Anne, which he makes clear when he drives Anne and Jane to the White Sands Hotel concert.

Jane Andrews
Jane Andrews is a schoolmate of Anne’s. Jane is quiet and serious.

Diana Barry
Diana Barry lives at Orchard Slope, another farm near Green Gables. Anne regards the dark-haired, sweet Diana as her “bosom friend” or best friend, and together the two pass many hours playing in the countryside and getting into embarrassing scrapes.

Miss Josephine Barry
Miss Barry is Diana’s father’s aunt. She is rich and has a reputation as a difficult woman. After Anne and Diana offend her, Anne’s apology amuses Miss Barry and reveals her as a “kindred spirit.”

Minnie May Barry
Minnie May is Diana’s younger sister. Anne saves her life one night while the adults are away, and in doing so she earns Mrs. Barry’s gratitude.

Mrs. Barry
Mrs. Barry is Diana’s mother. She is a very strict, upright woman with old-fashioned values. When Anne saves her youngest daughter from dying, she decides that she approves of Anne, despite her inclination for misadventures, and she allows Diana to be Anne’s friend.

Gilbert Blythe
Gilbert Blythe is a schoolmate of Anne’s. From the first day that Anne meets Gilbert at school and he calls her “Carrots” because of her red hair, she determines to ignore him. Gilbert, however, persists in trying to get Anne to notice him and see how much he loves her.

Marilla Cuthbert
Marilla Cuthbert is the mistress of Green Gables, the family farm she lives on with her brother, Matthew. Marilla is an older woman, very plain and plain spoken, who has always valued cleanliness and godliness and disapproved of anything frivolous. When Anne sweeps into her life, Marilla feels great responsibility to bring her up well. She often reproves Anne for her wild imagination, while at the same time she comes to love Anne dearly for that imagination and vivacity.

Matthew Cuthbert
Matthew Cuthbert is the owner of Green Gables, the family farm on which he and his sister, Marilla, have grown up. Matthew, gray-headed and awkward, is extremely shy around girls and women, but he immediately takes to Anne when she arrives unexpectedly in their lives. Anne comes to regard him as a  “kindred spirit.”

Ruby Gillis
Ruby Gillis is a schoolmate of Anne’s. A pretty girl, she is interested in boys.

Mrs. Rachel Lynde
Mrs. Lynde is the busybody neighbor of the Cuthberts. She prides herself on knowing everything about everyone in Avonlea; nothing happens without her finding out and without her expressing an opinion about it. At first, she felt the Cuthberts were mad to adopt Anne, but she is eventually charmed by Anne’s bright personality and comes to love her.

Mr. Phillips
Mr. Phillips is the teacher of Avonlea’s one-room school when Anne first comes to Green Gables. He is not the best of teachers, according to Mrs. Lynde. On more than one occasion, he punishes Anne for her behavior in class, sometimes unjustly.

Josie Pye
Josie Pye is one of Anne’s schoolmates. She is not as popular as Anne and tries to put Anne in her place by daring her to walk along the roofline of the Barry’s home.

Anne Shirley
Anne is an eleven-year-old orphan who is mistakenly sent to Green Gables from an orphan asylum when Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert request an orphan boy to help on the farm. She has had a hard and mostly unhappy life as an orphan since she was a baby, but that life has not ruined her. She is thin, freckled, and red-headed, but behind her homely appearance is a vivacious imagination and vociferous enthusiasm for beauty and nature. As the Cuthberts get to know her, they come to love her for her quirky personality and her innate goodness.

Miss Muriel Stacy
Miss Stacy is the teacher sent to replace Mr. Phillips. She is a “kindred spirit” to Anne, and she challenges Anne to expand her studies and regulate her tendency to romance.