A Raisin in the Sun: Character Profiles

Beneatha Younger
Beneatha is the educated daughter of Lena and sister of Walter. She hopes to become a doctor, but her ambition is undermined when the money for her medical school fees is stolen.
This is a minor character. He is a friend of Walter and he comes to the apartment to inform him that Willy Harris has stolen their money.George Murchison
George is from a wealthy family and is a possible suitor for Beneatha.
Joseph Asagai This character is referred to as Asagai and is a student from Nigeria. He is depicted as optimistic in his idealism and he hopes for independence from colonialist rule. He proposes that Beneatha comes to Africa with him to help in the fight for equality.
Karl Lindner
Lindner is from the so-called Welcoming Committee of the Clybourne Park Improvement Association and he attempts to bribe the Younger family into not moving to the area he represents. His reasons are clearly embedded in racist thinking.
Mama/Lena Younger
Mama is the head of the Younger family at the beginning of the play. Her relationship with her children and daughter-in-law are central to the plot as she recognizes the barriers that have arisen between her and the next generation.
Mrs Johnson
This is a neighbor of the Youngers and when she visits the family it is made evident that she is envious of their move to another area and is also characterized as narrow in the way she thinks.
Ruth Younger
Ruth is married to Walter and is described as hard-working and worn down. During the play, she also discovers that she is pregnant with their second child.
Travis Younger
Travis is the ten-year-old son of Ruth and Walter.
Walter Younger
As one of the main characters, it is of interest to note the changes he undergoes through the course of the play. His bitterness is initially all-consuming, but when trusted he is given the opportunity to be more hopeful in his outlook.