A Farewell To Arms: Top Ten Quotes

Frederic describing his first intimation that his feelings for Catherine Barkley are more significant than he has previously felt for women: “I had treated seeing Catherine very lightly, I had gotten somewhat drunk and had nearly forgotten to come but when I could not see her there I was feeling lonely and hollow.” (41)
The moment when Frederic and Catherine are reunited in Milan: “When I saw her I was in love with her. Everything turned over inside of me. She looked toward the door, saw there was no one, then she sat on the side of the bed and leaned over and kissed me. I pulled her down and kissed her and felt her heart beating.” (91)
Frederic describing the British major at the club in Milan who expresses his conviction that the war is going badly and will end worse: “There was a great contrast between his world pessimism and personal cheeriness.” (134)
Frederic describing the scene after Catherine has informed him that she is pregnant: “We were quiet awhile and did not talk. Catherine was sitting on the bed and I was looking at her but we did not touch each other. We were apart as when some one comes into a room and people are self-conscious. She put her hand out and took mine.” (138)
Frederic to the stuffy head nurse after she has accused him of purposefully contracting jaundice so as to avoid returning to the fighting: ” Miss Van Campen, I said, did you ever know a man who tried to disable himself by kicking himself in the scrotum ?” (144)
Frederic to the priest concerning the disposition of the Italian army: “They were beaten to start with. They were beaten when they took them from their farms and put them in the army. That is why the peasant has wisdom, because he is defeated from the start. Put him in power and see how wise he is.” (179)
Count Greffi to Frederic following their game of billiards and Frederic has confessed that his own religious feelings only come at night: “I had always expected to become devout. All my family died very devout. But somehow it does not come . . . Perhaps I have outlived my religious feeling. . Then too you are in love. Do not forget that is a religious feeling.” (263)
Frederic describing he and Catherines mood in the weeks before the baby is due: “We knew the baby was very close now and it gave us both a feeling as though something were hurrying us and we could not lose any time together.” (311)
Frederics thoughts after he has learned that the baby was born dead: “Now Catherine would die. That was what you did. You died. You did not know what it was about. You never had time to learn. They threw you in and told you the rules and the first time they caught you off base they killed you.” (327)
The final paragraph of the story which relates the moments after Frederic has ordered the nurses to leave and sequestered himself in the room with Catherines corpse: “But after I had got them out and shut the door and turned off the light it wasnt any good. It was like saying good-by to a statue. After awhile I went out and left the hospital and walked back to the hotel in the rain.” (332)