1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four: Novel Summary: Part 2 Chapter 9-Part 2 Chapter 10

Part 2 Chapter 9: Winston roams the streets as crowds celebrate Hate Week. As Winston watches a fiery orator proclaim that Oceania was now at war with Eastasia, an unidentifiable man casually switches briefcases with him. Inside the briefcase, Winston finds the book, “The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism,” by Emmanuel Goldstein. Dizzy with anticipation, Winston struggles to contain his excitement over the prospect of finally working for the Brotherhood. Winston waits impatiently for an opportunity to read the book. At last he finds a moment to take the book to his apartment in the prole quarter. Winston begins reading chapters one, “Ignorance is Strength,” and three, “War is Peace.” The book details the rise of Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia. The book also outlines how the Inner Party uses the principles of INGSOC to control people and maintain power. However, as he reads, Winston still feels as if he understands how the Party controls Oceania but not why it takes such measures. Julia joins Winston in the apartment but seems uninterested by the book. Winston tries to read portions of the book to his lover but the couple soon falls asleep together.
Part 2 Chapter 10: Julia and Winston wake peacefully. They set about making coffee and listen to a prole woman singing outside their window. This tranquil scene, however, is violently disrupted by an “iron voice” that states, “You are the dead” (p. 222). The lovers quickly realize that the Thought Police have caught them. They find a telescreen behind an old painting on the wall and Mr. Charrington reveals his true identity-a Party spy. Thought Police surround Winston and Julia, wrench them apart brutally, and take them into custody separately.