1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four: Novel Summary: Part 1 Chapter 3-Part 1 Chapter 4

Part 1 Chapter 3: Winston dreams about his mother and his childhood. His dreams contradict themselves. At first, he sees his mother and sister sinking into dark waters as he emerges into the light. His sister and mother die so that Winston can live. Suddenly, Winston finds himself in a beautiful meadow meeting an enticing woman whose demeanor flouts the entire Party system. Abruptly, Winstons telescreen breaks his dream and prompts him to do his Physical Jerks (morning exercise). As Winston painfully executes his morning routine he struggles to remember his childhood. Winston thinks that the year is 1984 but there is no way to tell for sure. He remembers a time before Big Brother but he does not know the exact year that Big Brother took power. Winston also remembers a time when Oceania had not been at war with Eurasia but since the Party said that Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia, he and his comrades had to accept it as fact. 
Part 1 Chapter 4: This chapter introduces readers to Newspeak and to Winstons job at the Ministry of Truth. At his job, Winston receives instructions to change the details of articles previously printed in the local Times newspaper. Winston retrieves an article on the war with Eurasia in which Big Brother predicts a Eurasian offensive in North Africa. The predicted offensive actually occurred in South India so Winston changes the speech given by Big Brother to show that Big Brother predicted a South Indian offensive all along. Winston then “corrects” facts about national production issued by the Ministry of Plenty and eliminates positive references to a soldier, Mr. Withers, from a past Times edition because, according to Winstons instructions, Withers had become an “unperson.”