1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four: Character Profiles

Winston Smith
The main character, Winston escorts readers through Orwells elaborate universe. As a member of the Outer Party nearing age 40, Winston leads an insignificant and tragically average life. As a flawed and conflicted hero, Winston lacks the intelligence or physical prowess to use his knowledge of the past against the Party. The trust that Winston places in OBrien and Mr. Charrington lead to his tortured demise. However, it is Winstons ability to trust that makes him human and heroic in a world built on deceit.

Brien represents Big Brother incarnate. OBrien, a high-ranking member of the Inner Party, befriends Winston at his workplace then pretends to recruit him to The Brotherhood. However, when the Thought Police finally arrest Winston, OBrien reveals himself to be Winstons captor and torturer. Despite enduring extreme pain at the hands of OBrien, Winston continues to admire his enemy. Winston refers to OBrien as a father, teacher, and confessor.

A young and attractive woman, Julia uses sex to rebel against the party. Since sex outside of Party-approved marriage is strictly forbidden, Julias relationship with Winston begins as a political act against the State. However, the lovers form a deeper bond, vow never to betray each other, and try to join The Brotherhood together. Once captured, though, Winston succumbs to OBriens torture and betrays Julia.

Mr. Charrington
Winston meets Mr. Charrington in a secondhand shop in a prole neighborhood. Mr. Charrington seems harmless and allows Winston and Julia use a rented room above his shop for their illicit affair. But, as a member of the Thought Police, Mr. Charrington traps the lovers and seals their tragic fate.